About Us

Our Ministry We are Cedric and Jean Barber, bible-believing Christians who live and minister in North Staffordshire.  We believe that the gospel message is grounded not only in historical fact but also in human experience.  In historical fact, because Jesus’ death, burial, resurrection and ascension were thoroughly witnessed and documented.  In human experience because hundreds of millions of peoples lives have been changed by this good news – changed in a way which could be achieved by no other means.  We call our ministry ‘Christians for Service’ and we are invited to speak, give our testimony proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We worship at Biddulph Pentecostal Church where we are members.  There, together with a number of friends, we run a mid-week gospel meeting.  As an outreach from the church, we run Sunday services for some of the local residential homes.  In these two ministries alone we have seen many people make first time commitments to Jesus. Our other involvements in God’s work include our responsibility as Church Representatives for Release International, an agency which highlights the great persecution of Christians across the world, particularly by cruel Muslim regimes.

 In 2008 and 2009 we hosted the International Evangelist Case Schrage (see website link).  Case was an International wild animal trainer for 23 years.  He met with the living Lord Jesus, and now travels the world, living by faith, giving out the message of God’s forgiveness and love through Jesus Christ.  We have ministered together with Case at many venues in North Staffordshire and Manchester and seen numerous first-time commitments made to the Lord Jesus.

In 2009 we linked up with a ministry called ‘CHURCH ON THE MOVE’ which is headed by Ernie Burton and Mike Dunsford.  This is a powerful and anointed ministry which, over the years, has seen many people saved by the power of God.  Ernie is a particularly gifted evangelist who also has a healing ministry.  In addition, both he and Mike have powerful testimonies.   

New Beginnings! Although we have been Christians for many years, it is only recently that we have discovered God is beginning to use us increasingly effectively to reach more and more people.  Following a prophecy over our lives at Hollybush Christian Centre (see website link) in Yorkshire in 2004, our mandate is to “go from town to town in England to give out the gospel of Jesus Christ, and people will come up to us afterwards to ask about salvation.”

A partial, but very wonderful fulfilment of that prophecy took place in 2007.  After years of speaking in local churches and seeing few results, we found ourselves in London in the Dana Centre (a new auditorium and part of the National Science Museum) speaking to a secular audience in a televised debate.  We also found ourselves invited to speak on local radio, at a school and at a Family History Society.  I was even featured on a much repeated BBC television programme.  There were many other similar events.  Each time I gave out the gospel message, and invariably, people came up to us afterwards to ask about salvation.  The reasons for these totally unexpected opportunities are contained in my book, ‘Slaves, Sinners and Saints’ but we believe it was God’s intention to use these things in accordance with the 2004 prophecy.

Resources We believe our book, ‘Slaves, Sinners and Saints’ has provided a platform, by God’s grace, where we have been able to do even greater things!  We also believe the book, although a factual account of the Barber family will inspire Christians and non-Christians alike to seek a deep relationship with God.  This is because we have taken the reader from the past into the present and projected into the future the events which God has foretold in the scriptures.  We have done this with a very strong evangelical emphasis, with a call to the reader to believe God, to repent and be converted and to move into a deeper relationship with their Heavenly Father.  All this is confirmed by our own experience of God’s dealings with us. 

As historical background to the book we have produced a booklet entitled ‘A Memoir of Samuel Barber’.  This is a word-for-word reprint from the ‘Primitive Methodist Magazine’ of 1829.

A further book which we published in 2010 is called ‘The Kingdom, The Power and The Glory’.   This is an extremely ‘user-friendly’ guide to ‘The Lord’s Prayer’.  It is particularly helpful for house-group study. 

In 2010 we are planning to release a DVD featuring the recorded prophecy over our lives at ‘Hollybush Christian Centre’.  The DVD will also show an appearance on Genesis TV and a recently recorded testimony to the prophecy’s fulfilment at Hollybush in 2009.  We plan to call the DVD ‘God’s Prophetic Goodness’.

A Great, Supernatural God 

Yes, we believe in miracles, we have seen them – close and personal.  We believe in Creation.  We believe in the New Creation – when men, women, boys and girls receive Jesus into their hearts and lives they really are a new creation – changed forevermore.  We believe in the inerrancy of the scriptures, we believe in the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.  Most of all we believe in God’s love and forgiveness, and that by His grace and the power of His Holy Spirit, we can, we should and we must exhibit those qualities in our lives.

Christians for Service 

This brings us to how we may be able to serve in your particular field of interest.  God has given me a vision of the various areas He wants me to influence with the account of my family history, our testimonies, the miracles of healing and salvation we are experiencing – all this interwoven with the greatest message of all time:  God loves you and He proved it by sending His Son to die in your place so that you can live in His place!

The areas we are referring to are: Education, Religion, Politics, Economics and Society today.     We are not remote from any of these areas and our message is relevant to each of them.  Jean was formerly a generalist adviser with the Citizens Advice Bureau and until recently I was an Independent

Financial Adviser.  In fact, we believe that God’s great commission in Genesis 1:28 to fill the world and cultivate His values in it applies to the workplace, school, social institution and government AND ALSO THE CHURCH!    

Please take time to look through this site and discover the goodness of God through the various links.  The book, ‘Slaves, Sinners and Saints’ is available through the link on our homepage and we strongly commend it to you.  We believe it is a compelling means of giving the gospel message to your non-Christians friends and relatives who would not read a ‘religious’ book.  We pray that you will find the other resources helpful too.